“Revenue, as robust and strong as possible, drives every business. The best ideas, largest customer lists and top-notch people are meaningful only when they are the fuel for speed and distance of revenue.”

Executives and Entrepreneurs hire me to invigorate their product and services mix with high value, high profit offerings and to apply relentless focus on revenue growth activities that build owner wealth.

Relentless Focus,
Real Wealth

Susan Trivers is gifted in dealing with her clients and inspires creative approaches with her calm yet passionate desire to see others succeed. I am grateful to have benefitted from her knowledge, skill, and ability, and encourage anyone seeking to improve their business to consider Susan.”
Keith Wallace, Principal Owner, Vallas Consulting Group, LLC
Susan Trivers is a genius. She suggested one simple fix to my business strategy that, in less than 24 hours, completely transformed my income stream. If you’d rather say ‘ka-ching!’ than ‘oh…no!’ when you look at your bottom line, give Susan a call.”
Diane MacEachern, Founder & CEO, Big Green Purse
I recently increased my revenue 40% by implementing Susan’s revenue growth strategies.”
Marsha Lindquist, President, Granite Leadership Strategies, Inc.
Susan helped me maximize the advantages provided by video: letting people see and hear me, the person they’re going to entrust with their lab dollars and reputation. I could never have created 13 terrific videos without Susan’s help from content to recording studio to publication of our own YouTube Channel.”
Kathy Murphy, PhD, CEO, Chi Solutions, Inc.
Susan Trivers helped our management and proposal team articulate the perfect CBAIA proposal process. We are reducing waste, improving quality and increasing our capacity to respond to more RFPs.”
Carl Lawson, Jr. COO, CBAIA
I’d describe Susan as someone who helps businesses gain traction. So many businesses spin their wheels and don’t know how to get out of a rut. Susan helps you gain traction and gets you back on track, or in many cases, helps you find the right road to go down to achieve your goals.”
Christine Clapp , President, Spoken with Authority
Thank you again for always pushing me to think about exceptional offerings that create dramatic value for the clients at an equitable fee commensurate with that value.”
Marsha Lindquist, President, Granite Leadership Strategies
Susan helped us increase utilization of our excess capacity. Within one month of launching a new line of business, we reached 33% of our goal.”
Carl Lawson, Jr. COO, CBAIA
By keeping me focused on the outcomes I achieve for clients, Susan reminds me of my value to clients and gives me the confidence to charge what I’m worth.”
Christine Clapp, President, Spoken with Authority
Your refresher on the critical importance of offering high value to my buyers helped me get out of the commodity mindset around deliverables.”
Marsha Lindquist, President, Granite Leadership Strategies


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