Singular Focus is the most groundbreaking work I’ve done. It is helping my clients devote extreme focus on:
Positioning Strategy Marketing and Sales
Product Development Risk
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Susan Trivers

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Don’t Grow It Alone!

At certain times in your business ownership journey, you realize you’d like help growing your business. What kind of help is there?

You could join a peer group or a mastermind group. It’s you and a dozen other people. That’s one way of not being alone.

You can hire a consulting firm and get a team of consultants. That’s another way of not being alone.

Yes, you’re not alone with peer groups or consultant teams…and also, your time and money is being consumed for uses other than your specific needs.

Susan Trivers provides the perfect option for Growth, one where all of your time, money and energy is focused on your needs and your results. Susan brings you the advantages of objectivity and expertise. In a give-and-take atmosphere ideas can be refined and perfected. Susan is constantly focused on “What can you do better that will make you more money?”

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