Susan Trivers

I am known for turning setbacks into successes and for building upon current successes to achieve even higher value. My talent is the ability to find islands of opportunity in the massive sea of corporate culture, infrastructure and resources.

I created a completely new life for myself after being widowed at 39. I turned a moribund restaurant into a popular breakfast and lunch carryout after recognizing that being someone else’s employee was not working. After 4 years, I sold the restaurant for a profit.

I have grown Trivers Communications Group over the past 15 years and am known as the leading voice on growth and opportunity. Collectively my small and midmarket clients have generated over $2 billion in new revenue.

“Susan, 2013 was a banner year for us with the two new contracts we signed as a result of your innovative ideas and excellent business coaching. We look forward to even more collaboration in 2014.” F. V., CEO v10 Systems

When talking with me, people always tell me “Susan, I never would have thought of that.” Then they use the ideas I’ve come up with for them and achieve levels of performance higher than they ever imagined.

“Susan helped me sort my huge amount of intellectual property (IP) into common, uncommon and exceptional segments. We discovered that the exceptional opportunity was right there all along-hidden in plain sight. Now that I’ve seen it, I’m increasing my opportunities in the area that both excites me the most and generates the highest profits.” Diane MacEachern, author of “Big Green Purse: Use Your Spending Power to Create a Cleaner, Greener World”

I am the perfect coach. I see people’s strengths and help them to see them too. I provide recommendations and suggestions they can use to build on these strengths. The focus on strengths overpowers any weakneeses. My clients feel proud of their accomplishments and confident they’ve learned how to create even more success over time.

“We had the opportunity to grow our company by many magnitudes. There was fierce competition and the prospective customer was holding us to very stringent standards. Susan coordinated the work of nearly 40 people into one coherent, compelling 2 hour presentation. We won the largest small business award up to that time, $1.15 billion.” Alan Bloodgood, Metron Aviation

Consulting and coaching helps you capitalize on your strengths and avoid accommodating your weakness. Investments in consulting and coaching typically provide a huge return on your investment such as 50:1. How else can you get that kind of long-lasting return?

Just as professional sports coaches work with already successful athletes to help them attain an even higher level of performance, I work with successful companies and people to achieve more.

As the leading voice on growth and opportunity, I have helped my clients in many ways:

Recent clients include:


  • COO of insurance and benefits software company
  • Kathleen Murphy, CEO, Chi Solutions
  • Diane MacEachern, Founder, Big Green Purse
  • Susan Katz Miller, author of “Being Both”
  • Susan Orlins, author of “Confessions of a Worrywart”
  • CEO of B2B technology product company
  • CEO of health care application start-up
  • CTO of B2B IT SaaS company
  • Director of Talent Acquisiton, Government contractor
  • Director of Innovation, IT services  company
  • Mary Anne Sterling, Sterling Health IT CEO
  • BD-CMM certified proposal professional breakout session at Bid & Con 2012
  • AOPA Director of the Air Safety Institute
  • Jeff Beyer, CEO, Clairus
  • CompTIA (Executive coaching)
  • Vangent, Inc. (Business Development coaching)
  • Cornet Technologies (Business development coaching)
  • Griffin-Owens Insurance (Executive Coaching)


  • v10 Systems coached Demo teams for State customers
  • CGI coached Demo and Integrator Interviews for State customers
  • v10 Systems directed Voice over cast for User Experience video
  • MSE Orals consulting and coaching
  • Delta Solutions and Technologiies Orals consulting and coaching
  • BCT Partners Orals consulting and coaching
  • IST Research Orals consulting and coaching
  • Vangent Orals consulting and coaching
  • Metron Aviation Orals consulting and coaching
  • CGI (Orals coaching)
  • ACS, a Xerox Company (Orals coaching for two state bids)
  • Sotera Defense (key person interviews; coaching that helped win an important new defense contract)
  • Serco, Inc. (Orals consulting and coaching)
  • Fedmarket (Seminar entitled “Orals: Avoid the Pitfalls that Lower Your Score”)
  • CDI Marine (Orals consulting and coaching)
  • Rainmakerz Consulting, LLC (Orals consulting and coaching)
  • Direct Proposal Resources (Orals consulting and coaching)


  • v10 Systems, 3 month professional development program for high potentials
  • Grimm + Parker Architects Executive and Business development coaching
  • Cubic Defense Applications, Inc. Presentation Skills Workshop for high potential mid-managers
  • Global Environment and Technology Foundation Presentations Skills workshop for all young managers plus individual presentation skills coaching for three high-performing young leaders
  • Cubic Transportation Systems, Inc. Presentation Skills Workshop for high potential mid-managers


  • APMP NCA Proposal Professionals Boot Camp
  • The Refractories Institute (Keynote at semi-annual Conference)
  • National Speakers Association- Virginia (Keynote)

I was honored to serve as the 2009-2010 President of the National Speakers Association-Washington, DC Chapter. I’ve written “How to Become a Person of Interest” available now on Kindle and I’m the author of The Great Speakers Guide to Business Storytelling (audio CD). I’ve presented public speaking webinars for ExecSense lawyers and physicians practices. I am a frequent blogger on a variety of topics related to success, growth and electric communication.

Years of being coached myself has made me exceptionally well-suited to serve as a coach. I’ve experience what takes people to the next level of success and what discourages or hinders them. Currently I’m a member of Alan Weiss’s Private Roster Mentor Program.

To collaborate with me on your specific needs call me at 703-790-1424 or email me at