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Susan Trivers

Susan Trivers founded Trivers Consulting Group in 2000. Since then she has worked with hundreds of companies, helping them increase revenue by $20 billion dollars. Her clients are the Owners and CEOs of growth-minded businesses with top line accountability. Their companies serve primarily business customers with varied services and products.

Susan’s consulting is the outgrowth of her philosophy of Singular Focus.  Executives develop an extreme degree of focus on driving revenue and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. The business enjoys dramatic revenue growth with more profits flowing to the bottom line.

Susan Trivers was previously the owner of Café Aurora in Alexandria, VA. It was there that she had a hunch, did an experiment and created astonishing results. She is writing two books: one will guide owners to implement a self-directed Singular Focus project, and the other teaches owners the momentous lesson she learned from soup. These books will be published within the next 12 months.

On a personal note, Susan is the proud ‘mom’ to a young Bernese Mountain Dog, Gabe. Gabe is Bernese Mountain Dog number 5. Susan says that when she brought him home, she was profoundly moved by realizing the cycle of love, loss and love again that is the familiar backdrop for our lives.







Endless demands on their attention: that’s the life of too many Owners and CEOs.

Consequently, one common response is to try to improve prioritization, time management or delegation. The thinking goes that if you could just manage your time better, set priorities better, or delegate more, you would be able to improve every corner of the business. Time after time, people realize these efforts do not work.

The opposite and superior response is developing an extreme degree of focus. What I call Singular Focus. It sets leaders and their companies up for long-term success. Singular Focus directs your full attention to the 6 facets of business that most profoundly impact revenue and profit growth for every company. As a result of the deep dives into each Focus Area, the CEOs and Owners have more energy and space to turn their attention to other important parts of their life and future instead of being mired in the relentless present.

The 6 Focus Areas deserving Singular Focus have a  profound and self-sustaining impact on your topline revenue and your bottom line profit.


  • Maximize Best Buyer Revenue: Properly understand who your best buyers are, cultivate and nurture them, and they will eagerly buy your high-value, high-profit offerings.
  • Maximize Topline Revenue: Provide a range of offerings for a range of buyers to increase revenue. Look at every single detail, large and small, that leads to money coming in the door.
  • Maximize Per Employee Revenue: People buy from other people, not companies. Therefore, invest in your people and every other investment you make will be amplified.
  • Maximize Sales Cycle Speed: Shorten the time from inquiry to payment. The buyer and the seller are both better off with a shorter, higher-speed sales cycle.
  • Maximize Owner Wellbeing: Improve these five factors to maximize owner wellbeing: 1) increasing revenue; 2) adjusting the owner’s mindset and daily activities; 3) identifying internal champions; 4) engaging outside experts; 5) recognizing economic conditions.
  • Maximize Owner Wealth: Owner wealth allows you design the life you want and it is your return for all the years of risk you’ve taken.

The business environment is constantly changing. Susan Trivers is the Singular Focus expert who can help you create dramatic revenue growth efficiently and satisfyingly. Connect the Focus Areas and design  the future as you wish.

Take a minute to call Susan Trivers to learn how Singular Focus will help your company.

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