Which is More Risky-The Same Old or the New?

Is it possible that what you’ve been doing–to generate revenue, increase gross margin and profit, create new offerings–turns out to be the risky approach? Isn’t it true that launching new efforts is what is risky?

I don’t think that’s true at all. The business landscape is littered with long-time companies that have lost revenue and market share […]

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Owners and Leaders Must Ask “Are We Doing the Right Work?”

Without revenue, there is nothing else. Every decision a business owner leader makes has to pass the revenue test: “Does this decision I’m about to make help us grow revenue?  If so, how does it contribute to fast revenue growth?” This leads to work that generates revenue.

These are the 7 key decisions for owner leaders:

What […]

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Executive Owner or Entrepreneur?

Julie is co-owner of a successful affordable housing company that was started by her father about 50 years ago. “My father was a true entrepreneur” Julie said. “He took risks, acted quickly, learned from failures, and went in many directions at once.” She continued “I am not an entrepreneur. I like to take my time […]

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Is Sales Training the Solution? Not If Your Goal Is Wrong

A senior vice president of sales told me he needed sales training for his team. I asked “why?” His answer: “So our millennials can learn to sell to the C-suite.”

This goal is unattainable and useless. There isn’t a sales person worth his or her bonus that would not say that the first and most important factor […]

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How to Drive Revenue in the Fast Lane

“If you missed your revenue target last year, what are you going to do differently this year to over-achieve? Look in the mirror and honestly assess if you can do it on your own–because if you could have, wouldn’t you have done it already? That’s when the accountability to an advisor who kicks you in […]

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Apply GPS-like Thinking to Reach Your Revenue Destination

Ah, the wonder of GPS! When you type in your current location and your destination, your app gives you several routes, each of which is analyzed for time, mileage and obstructions. You’ll even get suggested alternatives while you’re driving if your app thinks you’ll save 3 minutes.

You have to think like today’s Smartphones when you’re […]

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Will You Be the Honda or the Bentley in Your Industry?

What is the goal for your business? Is it market share or profits? You can’t have both in equal measure.

Why? Because focusing on market share (the % of buyers who purchase from you) in an average or slow growing market drives prices down and consequently your profit decreases.

What if you proactively focus on generating higher […]

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Market to Yourself — It’s Fuel for Marketing to Others

While helping a client develop their marketing for a new target market, I asked the COO to spend a few minutes telling me, again, about the value they provide to their current customers. He enthusiastically described five points of value: speed, exceptional customer service, customized delivery timetables, the highest quality as measured by an objective criteria […]

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How to Refuel When You’re Running on Fumes

It’s too bad that we don’t have built in fuel gauges that warn us before the tank is empty. I’ve often been driving myself so intensely that I suddenly run out of fuel and wonder “Why didn’t I see this coming?”  By then the only action is to fill the tank immediately and get back […]

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What Would You Do If You Couldn’t Become a Loser?

My take on losing in business is that if you don’t already have something—that is, you’re at zero, neutral, steady—you simply can’t lose what you don’t have or never had. You’re much less likely to become a loser than conventional wisdom (?) would make you think. Even when you’re competing for buyers or contracts, you […]

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