You Need Process Experts to Work with Your Subject Matter Experts

Subject matter experts (SMEs) have deep knowledge of specific topics. They know your business inside and out; they understand your target market and know how to seek opportunities; they’re financial wizards; they demonstrate top quality leadership skills daily.

Process experts provide guidance and focus to the content of your SMEs. Process experts create diagnostics that have […]

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Project Plans vs Proposals-The Difference is Vast

Project plans say “We’ve all agreed to this” whereas proposals ask “Will you please work with me?” There’s no doubt which position is the stronger one.

Whether you’re responding to an inquiry or engaged in account based marketing to buyers, your end goal is to write a project plan that reflects the buyer’s objectives and the value […]

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Share Your Value Not Your Value Proposition

Have you strung together 10-20 words that you call your value proposition (VP)? This overly crafted, tortured phrase or two is so artificial and generic that it’s useless. Yes, I know there are thousands of pages written and hundreds of thousands of words spoken about the need for value propositions-but they are wrong.

Use these powerful alternatives […]

Reduce Costly Mass Marketing, Increase Profitable Repeat Business

A consumer services company was spending significant dollars monthly for online marketing and the owner was on the networking circuit for hours each week. He was mass marketing, or recruiting for revenue. Yet revenue and profits were not increasing. There was no meaningful ROI.

Why not? Because he didn’t have a plan to generate revenue. He […]

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Can You Cut Costs AND Grow Your Business?

A business with a ten year track record of steady growth, positive feedback from clients and a reputation for providing some of the best people in the business to their clients is now facing dramatic pressure to reduce their prices. In certain sectors, this is the age of low price technically acceptable or LPTA in […]

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Do You Waver Between Good Listening and Using Your Time Wisely?

There’s often a fine line between being conversational and listening well and letting someone consume your time and efforts without getting anything in return. This is why so much time is spent in business breakfasts, coffees and lunches without much of a return on that investment.

When you’re setting up a date for breakfast, lunch or coffee, be […]

By the Time You Have Your Ducks in a Row, at Least One Will Fly Away

The biggest boost to success is taking action.  The people who act don’t try to get all their ducks in a row first. They don’t try to ‘align’ things. They don’t wait until they have a 5-year plan.

They get one duck in front of them and let it fly.

Do you have an idea that you […]

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If YouHave WITS Your Organization Will Have WITS

WITS is the state of continuously asking:

“Where’s the gap that we can fill?”
“What trends do we need to see in order to avoid falling market share and revenue?”
“What else can we do?”
“What new offerings can we provide for our current buyers?”
“What new buyers can we attract for our current offerings?”

And most importantly, WITS means never […]

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Ouch! Are Changing Buyer Tastes Shaving Your Revenue?

Men grow facial hair. It needs to be shaved away every day. How could razor manufacturers ever be faced with declining revenue?

Here’s how:
The story of the razor decline began about 5 years ago, when some fashion and consumer publications began featuring men with stubble or short beards. These were appealing guys whose facial hair gave […]

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