Don’t Be Like The Execs Who Are Shrinking Revenue

Are you applying relentless focus on generating new revenue? Or are you an exec or business owner who is actually shrinking revenue.

If you recognize yourself in any of these examples, either call me or plan to close your business. These are real life stories that are going to lead to really dead businesses.

The company owner had […]

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Do Your Words Start or Stop Action?

What a difference a few words can make.  Here’s a sampling from my emails this week:

Sample #1

Person A: “I have to go to something very important that is at the same time as our planned meeting, so I’m sorry but I won’t be there.”

Person B in response: “Shall the rest of us meet or should […]

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He Was So Caught Up in Limits That He Couldn’t See Opportunities

“I really admire your work, Susan, but I’m bound by confidentiality rules. So I can’t refer you to any of my clients because I can’t tell you who my clients are.” This professional is so caught up in the rules he’s bound to follow that he couldn’t see any opportunities.

Here are three ways to tell […]

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