Sharp focus on bold, green "YES!" in front of a row of plain gray "NO"s blurring and fading into the distance. Isolated on white.

Are you applying relentless focus on generating new revenue? Or are you an exec or business owner who is actually shrinking revenue.

If you recognize yourself in any of these examples, either call me or plan to close your business. These are real life stories that are going to lead to really dead businesses.

  • The company owner had a clear path to a quick 33% increase in revenue but thought it wasn’t worthwhile because he would then have to hire another person. Hiring the new person might upset the comfortable apple cart.
  • The professional who experienced a revenue reduction of 35% the prior year told me he thought he’d continue to try some things himself. This was right after he told me he knows how to excel at his professional work, but not how to be a business owner. Expect shrinking revenue to continue.
  • Another professional had not one single lead from his 2 years of payments to a business development expert. Yet he was planning to continue paying her because he didn’t want to lose the money he had already spent. Two years, no results, keep paying?
  • The CPA who has long-term and close relationships with dozens of his clients and yet suffers a significant decline in revenues between tax seasons. He balked at calling his top 20 clients to invite to entrust him with their wealth building. He wanted his office manager to call them because he didn’t want to ‘spend the time.’
  • The consumer commodity products company general manager would rather spend $1.2 million on a direct mail campaign to strangers than create a select, well-trained group of CSRs who would cultivate and nurture 3000 of their current best buyers with special high-value offers.
  • The newly established consulting partnership that was willing to do extensive work on spec in order to prove that they offer value. They didn’t believe in their own value.
  • The government contractor whose 3 partners would never meet together because that was a “waste of time” and then couldn’t make any decisions because they never heard the same information all at the same time.
  • A creative with a large following that chooses to scurry everyday to serve low-paying clients rather than either 1) creating new value at higher prices and dropping the old or 2) taking a few weeks off to implement a major project she has had on her “to-do” list for a year. She doesn’t accept that low revenue is her choice.

Every company should be cultivating and nurturing their current best buyers by offering them new, high-value offerings several times per year. Accompany this with tremendous customer service and they will be yours for life. This is how you maximize revenue per client speedily and with low cost and build wealth for the owner.

Are you going to continue shrinking revenue? Or instead, start saying “Yes” to dramatic revenue growth?