“If you missed your revenue target last year, what are you going to do differently this year to over-achieve? Look in the mirror and honestly assess if you can do it on your own–because if you could have, wouldn’t you have done it already? That’s when the accountability to an advisor who kicks you in the butt switches your revenue drive into the fast lane.” Susan Trivers, The Revenue Driver

Three Actions to Switch You into the Fast Lane

  1. Acknowledge that what you did to drive the speed limit is not what will get you into the fast lane
    • If you are going to keep doing what you’ve been doing you will continue to get what you’ve been getting
    • If you knew what else to do you would have done it already
  2. Relentless focus is needed to make the switch
    • Doing a little bit of everything gets you a little bit of results across the board
    • Putting the pedal to the metal in one or two areas revs the engine big time
  3. Ask this question before every decision: “Will this step or action or choice get me into the fast lane?”
    • Meetings: fast lane or speed limit?
    • Marketing or networking activities: fast lane or speed limit?
    • Constantly adding to your To-Do List: fast lane or speed limit?
    • Spending money: fast lane or speed limit?

I guarantee that when you apply relentless focus to one or two efforts and when you only do the things where the answer is clearly “the fast lane” you will make dramatic progress in a short period of time. What would a 30-100% increase in revenue in 6-12 months do for your business and your life?

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