fuel-gauge 03

It’s too bad that we don’t have built in fuel gauges that warn us before the tank is empty. I’ve often been driving myself so intensely that I suddenly run out of fuel and wonder “Why didn’t I see this coming?”  By then the only action is to fill the tank immediately and get back on the road.

Here are my most successful steps to refueling myself in order to drive business:

  • Call one more person. The funny thing about this is that as soon as you name someone to call, you add fuel to your tank. It’s when there’s no one left that you feel depleted. So making the call helps you refuel.
  • Write one note. Which client or customer needs your value? I’ve often felt most empty when I think no one needs my value. As soon as I remember someone who told me they want more revenue, or they’re tired of losing on price, I write a note—handwritten on nice paper, nothing fancy or formal—and enclose an uplifting, informative article. It takes 5 minutes and adds fuel to my own tank.
  • Market to yourself. Look at your own website, at your articles, blog posts and newsletters. Remind yourself how much you have to offer. Pick one outcome that you’re proudest of and send it out to the world via your list and social media and through calls and notes. Reaching out allows the fills your tank.

What step will you take to refuel when you’re running on fumes? I guarantee that when you simply start, other ideas will follow.  That’s how to keep your tank full and how you drive revenue to your business.