While helping a client develop their marketing for a new target market, I asked the COO to spend a few minutes telling me, again, about the value they provide to their current customers. He enthusiastically described five points of value: speed, exceptional customer service, customized delivery timetables, the highest quality as measured by an objective criteria and exclusive access to him when the customer has an extraordinary request. No competitors offer this complete breadth of value.

After this quick reminder to himself about the value his customers appreciate, he was off and running on his marketing campaign to the new segment. No longer struggling to pull something out of thin air, nor settling on the same-old approach they’ve used for years, he created a fresh new set of marketing messages, tailored to the new market.

I call this ‘marketing to yourself.’ When you’re starting or when you’re stuck, find inspiration in what you already know and love about the value you offer to your clients and customers. Read your own case studies and testimonials, look at recent slide decks and speeches, and read your own blog posts or comments on postings by others. All of these (unlike your website) welled up from moments when you were most natural and enthusiastic. They will boost your own mood and attitude. This is the fuel you need to drive new revenue to your revenue destination.