green growthWithout revenue, there is nothing else. Every decision a business owner leader makes has to pass the revenue test: “Does this decision I’m about to make help us grow revenue?  If so, how does it contribute to fast revenue growth?” This leads to work that generates revenue.

These are the 7 key decisions for owner leaders:

  1. What do we offer?
  2. What is the value of our offerings?
  3. Who are the best buyers for those offerings?
  4. How do we find the best buyers?
  5. How do we reach our best buyers?
  6. What is our sales process?
  7. How do we nurture our best buyers?

The owner leader must also decide about activities that do not directly generate revenue:

  • Outsource booking keeping and other back-office work.
  • Let social media alone for awhile.
  • Forget complicated sales management software and CRM systems.
  • Resist pressure from others trying to get you to take advantage of special, limited time offers or to follow the latest and greatest techniques.

You will not have time or energy for everything. The stricter you are about asking the revenue test questions and doing only those things that directly generate revenue, the sooner you will have revenue. Remember, without revenue there is nothing else.