Flat Revenue is Bad But There is Good News

Flat revenue means your company does have buyers and makes sales. So it’s unlikely that your sales process isn’t working.

What is most likely, as I’ve seen scores of times, is that you can’t imagine new ways of increasing sales to your existing buyers. Giving current buyers imaginative and good reasons to buy will put your revenue on an upward trajectory more quickly and less expensively than any other effort.

I enjoy thinking back to clients from across many industries who fired up their imaginations and put their revenue on an upward climb. Consider a few of their examples.

Ever Feel “We’re Stuck”? That’s Great for new Opportunities

One entrepreneur told me he felt he was running in place. “Stuck” is how he summed it up. He was frustrated that all his busyness wasn’t leading to more revenue. For him, stating “we’re stuck “was a statement of fact that opened his company up to new opportunities. It was not a judgement.

Another owner told me her company revenue was flat—i.e., “stuck”— but then backed away from that and pushed me away. For her, being stuck felt like an admission of years of bad decisions. It was a harsh and uncomfortable judgement and she closed herself off to new opportunities.

Talk Before You Assume

I just had a frustrating 24 hours with a business owner because of assumptions. What should have been a simple process became complicated because while I was following one path, he took another one based on an assumption he had not shared with me. The biggest impact is a small dent in my trust of … Continue reading Talk Before You Assume


Keep Your Customers Close By

Think of your business like a neighborhood. A cozy one, where everyone is friendly. And they all know you.

That’s how you bring buyers in and keep them. Visit them–don’t wait for them to visit you. Give them small gifts. Say ‘hello’ often, even if you’re passing by.

Make it clear that the neighborhood wouldn’t be the same without them. And they will feel the same about your company, again and again.


Time for Good News?

I’m often asked to help owners overcome a deficit or problem that is holding their company back. Once we do our work, they see great results. They tend to like talking about their success.

What if you are enjoying success in some areas? Do you circulate your good news, or do you just think that’s business as usual and don’t bother?

I recommend that companies broadcast their good news often. It’s especially valuable to let people inside the company know the good news. And your customers will feel validated that they’ve chosen your company.

The time for good news is now. What are you waiting for?


Do You Understand the Power of A Catalyst a Day?

What would change in your company if you arrived at work each day with a new catalyst in hand?

Catalysts are persons or things that precipitate change. Think of a catalyst as a stimulus, a spark or an impetus. Bringing new catalysts to your company daily would create huge momentum, wouldn’t it?

Is It Time for Refresh?

New website, new book, new ways of working– all of these are refreshes for my company. The essence of a refresh is building on what’s already working. You create news paths in and around. You metaphorically open windows to let fun and light in. You clean out dead wood. Years ago I was inspired by … Continue reading Is It Time for Refresh?


What Business Leaders Can Learn from Conductors

“When I was 15 and a music student, I was given the opportunity to try conducting. It was a big classical work to be played by a professional orchestra. I still feel to this day the moment when I lifted my hands and the magnificent sound poured forth. I was hooked.”

When I heard the conductor’s story I thought about the many great business leaders we’ve known and admired. They assemble the right people with the right instruments and when they lift their hands, great companies pour forth.

20% or More: This Repeatable Tactic Increases Revenue

Did you know that 90% of buyers across all industries would make additional purchases from a company if the company asked them to? Most companies obviously don’t know this because they don’t ask. One hallmark of true growth is identifying repeatable practices that then become built in to the company’s behavior. They are habits and … Continue reading 20% or More: This Repeatable Tactic Increases Revenue