Be Like This Financial Adviser: Not Boring!

Wealth managers and financial advisers have to carefully watch that they comply with many rules. Often they publish newsletters that include pre-approved content, also known as canned content. They’re safe and boring! One adviser decided to keep top of mind with her clients by writing only about everything except financial stuff. Her adventures, family, reading, … Continue reading Be Like This Financial Adviser: Not Boring!


Want to Make Large Business Gains? Achieve a Series of Small Goals

Meeting a series of small goals in short periods of time adds up to big gains. These goals can be for revenue, for profit (not the same thing), for creation of new offerings.

You need these three components to reach your series of small goals:

  1. Very specific goals with clear boundaries
  2. Goals based on existing elements in your company
  3. Complete commitment from the owner or executive

Are You Getting Under Their Skin?

Creating an itch that your company can help them scratch? Increasing FOMO-fear of missing out? Being so incredibly inspiring that they say “Wow, I must have that!”

These reactions indicate desire, want or need. In other words, demand. To boost revenue, your company must initiate and pursue a marketing effort that creates demand, as well as one that positions your company top of mind with your current and recent buyers.

Owner Wealth: The Barometer of Company Health

Have you heard that merger and acquisition activities are booming? Business buyers and investors are flush with cash and on the lookout for great investments or acquisitions. I’ve spent a lot of time with three different mergers and acquisitions experts and they are busier than ever.

What does this mean for the private business owner? It means that there’s more emphasis than ever on what contributes to a company’s value. Whether yours is a small lifestyle company with $1 million revenue or a mid-size tech company enjoying $5-20 million in revenue, you should be thinking about company valuation.

Suffering from Pipeline Stress? There’s Relief Right Under Your Finger Tips

Hands down, the owners and chief executives I work with worry the most about how they’re going to find their next clients or customers. This pipeline stress drives marketing and sales efforts, yet the return is disturbingly low. The chances are that 80% of prospects will say no to your company.

This high rate of rejection is especially true when the company is offering services and products based on intellectual capital. This includes the usual suspects such as CPAs, business lawyers and consultants of all types.

Financials Don’t Tell You How to Grow

I’ll always remember the moment when the owner of a home improvement company really understood that the financial statements of his company only told him what, but not how.

He wanted to double the company’s revenue in three years. He’d poured over his financials–P&L, balance sheet, cash flow statement—and had created versions forecasting different revenue and expense scenarios. While he could see the revenue target he needed to hit, and the cost goals that would boost profit, he kept asking me “How do I make these happen?”

Top of Mind or Brand Awareness? The Choice is Clear

When you’re asked in a recall test about brands in a specific category, and you list three or four, you’re indicating your brand awareness.

When you need a product or service fast and your mind quickly goes to ONE firm, you’re indicating that company is top of mind.

Which spot is better for your company to occupy in the minds of others?

Wish List of Welcoming: How Is Your Company Doing?

Walking my dog this weekend, I passed a homeowner getting his groceries out of his car. He looked up, gave me a big smile and asked “How you doing?” I smiled back, told him everything was great, and continued my walk with a bit of an extra bounce in my step.

Such a simple thing, a friendly greeting between strangers. Even though I may never see that man again, I’ll remember feeling welcomed as I walk past his house.

What would happen if every single one of the people who call or visit your company experienced a friendly greeting?