cant loseMy take on losing in business is that if you don’t already have something—that is, you’re at zero, neutral, steady—you simply can’t lose what you don’t have or never had. You’re much less likely to become a loser than conventional wisdom (?) would make you think. Even when you’re competing for buyers or contracts, you either succeed at getting them or you are left the same. You can’t become a loser.
So here are the things I do when I know I can’t become a loser:

• Make phone calls to past clients
• Make phone calls to current clients
• Send emails to people who know me, telling them I’d like to work with them again
• Create new products or services every week and put them out there. Some do well, others get no traction-but I’m not a loser because I didn’t have anything to lose.
• Tell people what they need to hear, not what I think will prevent me from losing. I can’t lose something I don’t have.
• Change my definition of who I am and what I do because that’s the right thing for me. When I no longer wanted to do one kind of work, I stopped taking future work of that type. Not only did I not lose, I gained the freedom to do more satisfying work.
• Try new ways of doing things just because they’re new. Some will work, some won’t. Still not a loser.

Remember this about losing: you have to already have something in hand in order to lose it. Every effort that begins with nothing leads to one of two outcomes: success or remaining the same.

So, what would you do if you couldn’t become a loser?