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Revenue Growth is THE goal for every company

How do you achieve it?

  • All encompassing, all at once? Not possible.

  • Many small pieces simultaneously? How do measure success?

  • Singular focus on one area at a time? Yes! Apply singular focus to one area for 30 days and see dramatic results.

The Six Focus Areas for business growth

revenue growth

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Take Six 30-Day Singular Focus Deep Dives

My philosophy of Singular Focus is that paying deep, exclusive attention to achieving one well-defined outcome will give you much greater results in less time than if you pay weak, scattered, shallow attention to several outcomes at the same time.

In other words, go narrow and deep for 30 days on each Focus Area

In only 30 days of singular focus on one Focus Area, you’ll achieve dramatic results. After a mere 6 months you will enjoy across-the-board and self-sustaining improvements in all 6 Focus Areas.

Why these six Focus Areas?

Because these are the six outcomes that are never static or final. There is no ceiling. New growth and improvement is possible over and over again.

Revenue Outcomes

◊Maximize topline revenue: this encompasses all revenue from all products and services and from all buyers. The faster you grow your topline revenue, the more understanding you have about your buyers and the perceived value of your offerings.

◊Maximize best buyer revenue: When your best buyers each spend more with you, you accomplish three results: 1) increase the buyer’s commitment to your company; 2) learn more about them, allowing you to innovate new high-value, high-profit offerings for them; 3) create momentum for ever more high-value, high-profit offerings that they will appreciate.

◊Maximize per employee revenue: Singular focus on this leads you to increase the value of your offerings while maintaining current employee costs. This is not about cutting employee costs. Build up the value each of your employees contributes.

◊Maximize sales cycle speed: A dollar today is worth more than a dollar next month or next year. You’ll use these dollars for other growth efforts; to reduce your borrowing or financing costs; and to increase funds available for investing. The costs of sales are less and personnel are freed to go on to other sales. Also, your best buyers  will appreciate a simpler, more efficient buying process, further increasing your value to them.

Owner Outcomes

◊Maximize Owner Well-being: As the chief executive or entrepreneur/founder you carry the majority of the stress of success on your shoulders. Stress comes from three areas: the need for revenue; the competitive landscape; and your business reputation. Applying singular focus to understanding and improving how the owner or chief executive is involved with these areas leads to reduced owner stress.

◊Maximize owner wealth: Net profit (EBIDTA) is the basis of valuation and valuation is important for estate planning, financing, or selling the business. Furthermore, applying singular focus on building owner wealth increases the number of best buyers for your high-value, high profit offerings. You will make decisions about who you see and meet, how you spend your time, and what you read by continuously asking “is this option helping me build owner wealth?””

The owner or executive can too easily put off paying attention to building owner wealth in favor of other daily demands. Applying singular focus on building owner wealth for a month will greatly increase that wealth.

Why Singular Focus on one Focus Area at a time?

Because singular focus:

  • Causes you to evaluate every choice or decision against the single clear goal of the Focus Area of the month
  • Helps those who work with you to focus as well. “If it’s not going to move us closer to the goal of this month’s Focus Area, say ‘no.’” No to meetings, events, writing and speaking requests, invitations, etc. None of these refusals are personal, they are simply dictated by the Focus Area of the month.
  • Prompts new actions or questions you can’t or don’t currently think you know.
  • Creates new understanding and actions that arises from one choice. You can’t know what is at the deeper levels until you’re fully immersed in the current level.
  • Leads to deeper insight, understanding, and aha moments.
  • Stops you from doing other things or forces you to delegate them. This helps you realize what you really need to be doing vs what you are in the habit of doing.
  • Releases you from things you can permanently do without and shows you what you really need to keep doing. (Like allergy testing–eliminate all possible allergens, then add them back one at a time, to isolate the culprit.)

To Complete the Six 30-Day Deep Dives:

  1. Assess your current state in each Focus Area. Where is the most pressing concern? Pick the one focus area that means the most for your business this month.
  2. Apply singular focus to that area. Remember, singular focus means going deep in that area only, and not getting distracted by any other topics during this time. Scrub your calendar for commitments that distract you. Most importantly of all, delegate items on your To-do List or cross them off completely. Tell everyone, from your colleagues to your family and friends, that you are in the midst of the 30 Day Singular Focus deep dive. Seek activities, people and reading that further your understanding and success in the Focus Area. Finally…
  3. Assess your current state in this Focus Area on the 30th day. Make a big deal about your achievements! Post them in a place that’s visible to you and everyone who needs to know. Then select the next Focus Area and start another 30 Day deep dive

Let me know how it goes. I would love to do a case study of your process and results. Email


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