facilitationNever again hold an important meeting or off-site lead by a person who is invested in obtaining a specific and pre-determined outcome. That is torture for the participants and a waste of time and money for the company.

Facilitation is a process lead by an expert facilitator like Susan Trivers. Facilitation brings your subject matter experts together to help the organization answer difficult questions, overcome obstacles and create a path forward with maximum participation and the free-flow of ideas.

Expert facilitation:

  • Is objective
  • Allows all voices to be heard
  • Creates privacy where that is beneficial
  • Promotes collaboration
  • Enhances creativity, innovation and risk-taking
  • Prevents scapegoating
  • Evens out both strong and weak personalities
  • Gets more done in less time
  • Allows the participants to continue doing their normal work (the facilitator preps for the meeting)
  • Reaches an actionable conclusion

You would use Susan as your expert facilitator for these reasons:

  • Identifying your organization’s driving force
  • Formulating strategy derived from your driving force
  • Creating the operational plan to implement the strategy
  • Agreeing on external and internal communication messages and formats (marketing, sales, presentations, speeches)
  • Accelerate innovation
  • Recalibrate the risk-taking mindset of the organization
  • Debating policy changes
  • Creating new policies

Save time, money and the energy of your teams….have Susan Trivers facilitate your meetings and off-sites

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