Susan Trivers is a talented speaker to large and to intimate audiences. Each speech is customized to the specific needs of the audience.
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It All Started with Soup

A hunch plus experiment = astonishing results. Susan’s Soup Story would just be an entertaining anecdote if she had not carefully analyzed what happened and developed techniques for extreme focus that produce similar results for every business.

While the soup results were great, what was astonishing is that from that one specific experiment, Susan uncovered the 5 elements every company needs to achieve dramatic results.

  • Positioning
  • Strategy
  • Marketing and sales
  • Product development
  • Risk

Are these on your menu?

Inspirational: It All Started with Soup

(20-45 minutes)

Chalkboard that says, If Not Now… When?Hunches and experiments are important—and make you feel off-balance. You have no set quantitative or qualitative metrics. No past performance, no idea what will happen. But you do it anyway. You have to trust that something good will come from them. The only goal is to see what happens. Once the experiment ends, you have to ask ‘what lessons did we learn?’ What was our process? What data did we collect? What will we do next?

Susan tells her “Soup Story” and how her hunch and experiment became the foundation for two decades of successful work with clients. She inspires audiences to follow their own hunches and trust that “seeing what happens” is, itself, a huge reward.

Take Risks, Forgo the Safety Plays

(60-90 minutes)

Comic that says, We want someone who's willing to take risksPlaying it safe is the biggest risk of all. I see companies playing it safe, and losing out on the chance to make it big. Susan speaks about the 5 most common safety plays and the risky options that catapult companies to the top tier.

Playing it safe: Paying a little bit of attention to a lot of things. This is the owner or executive mentality that says “I have to have a finger in every pie, the buck stops with me, I’m the only one who can do things the right way.”

The opposite risky approach is to pay attention to a few key things; let other people do  the rest or don’t worry about them getting done. This is about ending your ‘finger in every pie’ mindset; ending your time management efforts; ending delegation.

Playing it safe: We have our policies, our procedures, our mission, vision and values and that’s what we remind ourselves of every day.

The opposite is the risk of continuous innovation and improvement. Throwing out best practices, creating your own way of doing things. Never actually looking for new best practices. Always looking for evolution.

Playing it safe: we market the way we always market, by adopting the latest trends, which are now social media and content marketing.

The opposite, risky approach: Diminish all of that and build up your implementation of a Cultivate & Nurture (C&N) campaign that’s appropriate to each segment.

Playing it safe: offering everything to everyone. There just may be one person in your low value segment who would buy a high value offering.

The opposite: market heavily to your high value buyers.

Playing it safe: being driven by financials. Setting revenue, expense and profit goals. Measuring all activity against those goals. Silos for operations, HR, customer service, etc.

The opposite: Use the Focus Areas as your goals. Use them as the basis for every decision. They require that you follow winding paths or connect beneath the surface. Get rid of silos.

Your audience will leave with a strong aversion to playing it safe and techniques for taking risk that they can apply within their companies, immediately.

Experiential Option

(whole day)

Singular Focus Immersion Experience
CEO/Owner and 3-4 senior leaders gather to apply singular focus to their business. 4 modules. Facilitated by Susan Trivers. See full description here.

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