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“Without revenue there is nothing.” Susan Trivers, The Revenue Driver

The Revenue Driver, Susan Trivers, is known for helping clients and audiences accelerate from Zero to $60 million–and beyond*. Her fresh, enlightening and often contrarian topics help accelerate revenue for business owners and executives so they make more money and build wealth. Susan’s audiences gain a greatly improved ability to:

  • Maximize revenue per customer or client
  • Maximize revenue per employee
  • Accelerate top line revenue growth
  • Improve sales cycle speed and volumes
  • Build wealth for owners
  • Alleviate owner stress

Revenue Driving helps business in all industries shift their sales into the fast lane—-

–From 30-40% or more revenue increase for IP-based businesses such as CPAs, architects, creatives, IT services, cyber security, film makers, lawyers, healthcare experts and consultants;

–*To $1.15 billion, the largest small business award ever, which turned a 30-person firm into a 350-person firm in one year.

–Increasing revenue between busy seasons that has helped HVAC companies, automotive services, CPAs, commercial landscapers and government contractors confidently predict and rely upon steady revenue no matter the calendar or the weather.

Susan’s popular topics (details below) are always customized to the specific needs and industry of the audience.

  • What’s the Outcome? 5 Reasons to Sell Value, not Processes or Methodologies
  • Turn Customer Loyalty Upside Down-Offer Undying Loyalty TO Your Best Buyers
  • How to Increase Revenue Between Your Busy Seasons
  • Create Exceptional Offerings for Your Best Buyers and Never Be Left in the Dust by Low Prices Again
  • How to Accelerate Introductions from Non-Client Referral Sources

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Choose the topic that is right for your audience

What’s the Outcome? 5 Reasons to Sell Value, not Processes or Methodologies

This topic is life-changing for businesses that are stuck in the rut of hourly rates or face a lot of competition that chooses to offer discounts or low priced promotions.

  1. No one creates, shares, or inspires like you do. There is no competition with your mind and your own experiences that shape what you do.
  2. You offer value that matches each buyer’s own way of valuing investments and acquisitions.
  3. Value-based offerings are all-inclusive. The buyer only has to make one buying decision.
  4. You assume all risks of delivering the value.
  5. Uncovering what the buyer values creates understanding and mutual knowing that is the foundation for long-term relationships and repeat business.

Inputs include time, methodology and your IP (intellectual property). I hate to remind you but there are plenty of people just like you offering those same inputs. You will differentiate yourself and your company by focusing on the highly valuable outcomes you can deliver to the buyer.

The ONLY way to stand out from the crowd is by applying relentless focus on value to your buyers. If your business or industry is stuck in a rut of methodologies and processes, I’ll boost them out of it.

Turn Customer Loyalty Upside Down-Offer Undying Loyalty TO Your Best Buyers

Why should any buyer be loyal to you if they see that you’re not loyal to them? I’ll put this question on the table with your company or industry group and they’ll leave with a tank full of reasons to invest, invest, invest in being loyal TO their buyers.

What if customers hate being teased, tempted or manipulated by untold efforts to retain them?

Your business will accelerate repeat business from current buyers by showing them in many ways that you are the one being loyal–to them.

When you need to spark the engine of revenue driving, bring me in to work with your sales and marketing teams for a some tough talk about loyalty and how to become valued as the company who is loyal TO their customers.

How to Increase Revenue Between Your Busy Seasons

Many industries experience revenue highs and lows, either due to the calendar or to weather. I’ve helped dozens of companies increase revenue during their slower seasons and I’ll provide a boost to your company or group.

Calendar-related low seasons affect: government contractors; CPAs/tax prep services, health benefits consulting; corporate services such as gift giving experts, catering and event planning that peak at holidays and recede in between them; trophy and awards providers depend on playing seasons; medical providers whose patients wants to use the money in their medical savings accounts; florists.

Weather-related highs and lows affect outdoor/indoor businesses; heating and air conditioning companies; retail automotive services; weather-related hotels and resorts; and clothing manufacturers.

Your company does not have to suffer year after year with these revenue fluctuations. I will show your audience how to increase revenue during the months between high seasons.

You already have everything you need to diversify your revenue stream during your low, off or slow season: your clients; your reputation and brand; your relationships.

Add: A new specialty or focus; additional high value tangibles or intangibles; speed and consistency

Get the boost you need to drive revenue throughout the year. Book me to speak to your company or group. You’ll be ready to start your revenue increase in your slower seasons immediately.


Create Exceptional Offerings for Your Best Buyers and Never Be Left in the Dust by Low Prices Again

GO Curve-BC

Mark an X on this graph at the spot where 50% or more of your revenue comes from: common, uncommon, or exceptional offerings.

I don’t judge those who put their X in the common segment–I see that as a terrific opportunity to grow your uncommon and exceptional offerings to make more money.

When your company or industry is mired in a price driven market, invite me to inject a big burst of fuel into their thinking and help them work towards increasing higher-value offerings that will attract buyers seeking that higher value.

The GO Curve topic is excellent for a 90-minute workshop or webinar that jump-starts strategic thinking.

When you a model for growth and the time and space to build out your company-specific model, GO Curve consulting is the answer.

The GO Curve model applies across all industries and company sizes. I’ll work with you to create the perfect experience and maximum results.

How to Accelerate Introductions from Non-Client Referral Sources

There are important differences between client and non-client referral sources. Your clients and customers know and value you and generally feel comfortable introducing you to people who will benefit from your work. Many referral experts offer volumes of tips, techniques and training to help you ask for referrals from clients.

On the other hand, non-client sources don’t know you and introducing their peers, colleague sand clients to you feels RISKY.

There are 19 reasons why getting referrals and introductions from non-clients is so difficult. Susan shares these reasons and offers workable tactics to address them.

The universe can be your source of referrals and introductions when you know how to reduce the risk from the hundreds of non-client sources you know. Invite Susan to your company or industry to accelerate the rate of referrals and introductions from non-client sources.

Hear Susan talk about Discovering Opportunities that may be hidden in plain sight:

Listen to this lively interview with me to learn:

  • The 5 reasons why business owners miss opportunities that are hidden in plain sight
  • How to recognize when your business is ripe for exploiting opportunities hidden in plain sight
  • How HIPS is relevant to knowledge work (consultants, speakers, trainers, coaches, designers, lawyers, CPAs, architects, app developers)
  • The three elements needed to generate opportunities (Curiosity, Awareness and Skills)
  • What happens when your business has only 2 of these?
  • Three types of Opportunities: Inventions, Innovations and Improvements

How to find opportunities that are hidden in plain sight generates lots of interest with growth-minded business owners and executives. Invite me to speak to your company or your group. One hour often leads to tens of thousands or millions more in new revenue with little new investment or cost.



Keynote: “One Life, Many Journeys”jouney

Kickoff your event with Susan’s inspiring keynote

Optimism and forward thinking are the only ways to succeed year after year. When you’re weighed down by past failures, mistakes or events beyond your control, you dig a deeper and deeper rut.

The great news is that you and everyone else have the means to move ahead. It’s not only tossing the baggage off your back, it’s traveling a new road as well.

The truth is that everyone has “One Life, Many Journeys.” What’s important is how you feel about and react to your varied roads, and what you take with you as you move along.

How to live them all and make one life out of them is a message that all audiences crave.

Susan’s inspiring true-life message includes these four principles to live by:

Visualize What you Love: Create living-color pictures in your mind of what you love and desire. Delve into this image deeply, infusing yourself with all its textures and dimensions. From there it’s easy to be inspired to take the actions you need to take in order to achieve your vision.

Know Fear; Fear Not: Imagine times and circumstances that cause fear for you. I’ll help you embrace the idea that fear is a gift to keep you safe and to imagine taking action while maintaining your safety.

Worry Effectively and then Move On: Recognize your worry tendencies and focus on resolving the issues and only at the right time. Worrying is a great tool for resolution and, as with most things, more is not necessarily better.

Celebrate Many Shades of Success: Visualize success for yourself personally and for your company across a spectrum of shades. Leaders, CEOs, business owners, professionals and IT managers realize that there are in fact layered measures of success and now they can celebrate them.