Trusted Advisor

jpg photo events - _d4a8762-c.jpg - webTrusted Advisor: Your Secret Sauce for Success

A Trusted Advisor is the visionary expert you can count on to point to your goals and ask: “How will this decision or choice or action lead to your goals?” The Trusted Advisor both supports and challenges you.

  • The support keeps you bounding out of bed each morning eager to start the day.
  • The challenges part comes when you’re in danger of retreating from your goals or you need an objective decision-making process; when it’s time to set new, audacious goals; and when you’re inundated with conventional wisdom that just doesn’t seem right for your company.

As your Trusted Advisor I’ll help you keep your organization moving towards your growth goals. I’ll help you apply relentless focus on the six Focus Areas, one or two at a time. Relentless focus drives dramatic improvement because, as implied, it puts one or two specific goals front and center. I reinforce and support you when your focus is threatened by competing demands.

Every Trusted Advisor engagement is tailored to your specific goals and needs. Each lasts for 3 months, includes unlimited access to me for questions, planning, analysis and progress evaluations and forecasting. Please call me at 703-790-1424 to get the conversation started.

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