Team Presentation Development


Susan will help your teams recognize and overcome the two biggest obstacles to getting results from their team presentations:

All team presentation coaching programs are customized to your company and your objectives. Your objectives may include:

  • Improving internal, company-wide knowledge of corporate objectives, products, services, policies, and/or marketing messages
  • Increasing appreciation of your organization by external audiences
  • Increasing your sales and marketing reach with teams of product/technical experts who effectively convey the benefits of your offerings (Sales and Marketing “Advance” Team Skill Building)
  • Using the preferred messages from the company slide library in creative and customized ways (customized presentations are the only effective way of connecting with audiences)
  • Building the speaking skillfulness of people who are not typically thought of as effective speakers (engineers, IT experts, trainers, data managers, etc.)

Team presentation programs are highly effective for groups of 6-10 individuals who participate for the entire length of the program. These are not one-day “presentation skills” events because programs like that do not change anyone’s behavior. Susan’s customized team presentation programs include group and individual meetings, and practices and implementation followed by debriefing and lessons learned, and additional implementation.

Call Susan today at 703-790-1424 to talk about objectives that can effectively be met with team presentation programs.

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