Executive Speaking to Master Your Moments of Influence

You’re an Executive and by definition, every moment you’re speaking is a moment of influence. Are you mastering every moment of influence?

Every renowned business leader has talked about the critical importance of outstanding communication skills, and specfically, presentation or public speaking skills. They also have noted that public speaking doesn’t get better by itself. An Executive needs expert guidance, repetition and reinforcement to continually improve and grow. What works for a small business executive doesn’t work for a multi-billion dollar one.

Susan Trivers will ramp up your command of your moments of influence. The higher you climb, the more your content counts and the higher are your audiences’ expectations. They want to be inspired, informed and influenced.

Make Every Moment of Influence Count

When you choose Susan’s Executive Speaking Program you will become expert at:

  • Assessing each audience and the message appropriate for them
  • Inspiring, informing and influencing in that order
  • Engaging an audience and making your message stick
  • Outlining your speech quickly and providing appropriate guidance to your assistant or speech writer
  • Writing useful speaking notes
  • Practicing and rehearsing your speeches (these are not the same)
  • Adapting to various environments
  • Perfecting slides if needed

Susan brings you cross-discipline, innovative approaches from working for nealry 20 years with top executives from large and small organizations in various industries.

Time is always of the essence for executives and leaders. We get you in, up and running, and on your way as quickly as possible.

There’s never been a better time is now to maximize your moments of influence. Call Susan at 703-790-1424 to talk about your goals and how executive communication coaching will enable you to reach them.

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