Leadership Communication Coaching

Leadership Communication Coaching

Whiteboard-450You’re a leader and by definition, every moment you’re speaking is a moment of influence. Are you making every moment of influence count?

All the renowned business leaders you can quickly name have written and talked about the critical importance of outstanding communication skills. These admirable people have also made the point that they invested in improving their communication skills commensurate with their positions. The communication skills that served them well as directors would be insufficient to serve them well as CEOs.

Susan Trivers will ramp up your understanding and execution of public communication as you climb your career ladder. The more you’re elevated, the more your content counts and the higher are the expectations of your audiences. You’ll learn to articulate the goals of your speeches long before you begin writing them.

When you choose Susan’s Leadership Communication Coaching program you will emerge with:

  • Skills to assess each audience and the message appropriate for them (e.g. an internal audience differs from an external one, and there are different needs for different internal audiences.)
  • Skills to inspire, inform and influence: it is this order that engages an audience and makes your message stick, and it’s not a natural inclination for most high level leaders
  • Skills to quickly outline your speech and provide appropriate guidance to your assistant or speech writer
  • Skills to write useful speaking notes
  • Skills to practice and rehearse your speeches (practices and rehearsals are not the same)

Susan will provide guidance on the most effective delivery styles and physical set up for your various speeches and audiences. You’ll learn what’s current in terms of slides if they are necessary.

Susan brings you cross-discipline, innovative approaches from working for 15 years with top executives from large and small organizations in various industries.

Time is always of the essence for executives and leaders. This program is always customized to meet your goals as quickly as you need to and in ways that work with your schedule. The time is now to raise your communication skills up to a level of excellence that supports your position. Call Susan at 703-790-1424 to talk about your goals and how leadership communication coaching will enable you to reach them.

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