Business growth and opportunity…

“Susan Trivers is a genius. She suggested one simple fix to my business strategy that, in less than 24 hours, completely transformed my income stream. If you’d rather say “ka-ching!” than “oh…no!” when you look at your bottom line, give Susan a call.” Diane MacEachern, Founder & CEO, Big Green Purse www.biggreenpurse.com

“Chi Solutions, Inc. is the leading provider of consulting services to the hospital lab industry. We are always building on our expertise and helping our clients meet the onslaught of new challenges in the healthcare industry.

I worked with Susan Trivers to create video messages to our clients and prospective clients. Susan helped me maximize the advantages provided by video: letting people see and hear me, the person they’re going to entrust with their lab dollars and reputation. I could never have created 13 terrific videos without Susan’s help from content to recording studio to publication of our own YouTube Channel.” Kathy Murphy, PhD, CEO, Chi Solutions, Inc.

“CBAIA faced one obstacle to accelerating our growth: we didn’t have a standard proposal process that was customized to CBAIA.

Susan Trivers helped our management and proposal team articulate the perfect CBAIA proposal process and then she guided us as we standardized the schedule, roles and responsibilities, and checklists. These enable me to ask specific questions about proposals as they are in process, enables our teams to make all deadlines and our reviewers to have confidence that every requirement is accounted for. We are reducing waste, improving quality and increasing our capacity to respond to more RFPs.” Carl Lawson, Jr. COO, CBAIA

“Susan Trivers has the eye for making business sense. Susan zeros in on the simplistic approach to getting the essence of your message. When it comes to critical thinking she can see the issues no one else sees – and she is right! Her imagination and different way of looking at the issues is uncanny. Susan has made a difference to my business by taking the complex and turning it to simple solutions.” Marsha Lindquist, CF APMP, NCMA Fellow Granite Leadership Strategies, Inc.


Leadership Communication Coaching…

“I am overwhelmed by the response to my speech. People were stopping me in the hallway at the summit, my email and twitter accounts have been inundated, business proposals are already coming together. Oh, and I have been asked to make a return appearance next year!” Mary Anne Sterling, CEO Sterling Health IT Consulting

“Susan, my presentation accomplished the goal we set. The investors I spoke to are interested enough to take the next step.” J.F. IT innovator

“Susan has a ‘way with words’ and can transform virtually any subject matter into interesting, understandable, and actionable material. She can help craft presentations resulting in a story that audiences will remember long after the presentation is over. She is gifted in dealing with her clients and inspires creative approaches with her calm yet passionate desire to see others succeed. I am grateful to have benefited from her knowledge, skill, and ability, and encourage anyone seeking to improve their speaking skills to consider Susan.” Keith Wallace. Principal, Vallas Consulting Group, LLC.

“Maintaining extremely positive relationships with our network of retailers is a key tactic that supports our growth strategy. Susan coached me to deliver a persuasive speech to over 1000 top level retailers. Her advice to reduce the ‘corporate speak’ and increase the personal touch worked beautifully. She also helped me add a bit of humor and I was gratified by the chuckles I heard from the crowd. Many people told me later how much they enjoyed my speech. That was a first!” Oil Company executive

“I had the great pleasure of working with Susan to help me produce a new and important keynote. From the first minute of contracting for the job, I knew I was in the hands of a professional. As we worked together I felt the great combination of being challenged, inspired and supported, all at the same time. Now that the work is complete, I feel ready to proceed successfully without her, exactly the result you want from a true consultant. While I did expect to her make me a better speaker, I didn’t expect her to make be a better leadership coach, but she did, simply by experiencing her terrific talents as a coach and consultant.” Tom Davidson, Leadership Expert, Keynote speaker

“Susan Trivers delivered creative, out-of-the-box ideas in a precise way within a short time period each time I have worked with her. I first hired her for a specific speaking engagement. I needed to give a 45 minute talk to a large crowd and I wanted to do more than be good. I wanted to be great. She helped me take my seventeen slides to seven and three of the seven were the same! She helped me create a refrain and I had the audience reciting the refrain with me. It went far better than great. I highly recommend Susan Trivers to anyone who wants to “hit it out of the park!” Joan Fletcher, Winning Ways

“Lots of very positive comments from the attendees after the presentation…many people said it was leagues above the presentations they typically see. Best part was at the end of the lunch, the the host of the meeting told me what a great presentation it was and that he wanted to pay for membership for all his several dozen members/partners who were attending the event. Thanks for your help.” J. K., IT Industry Association Executive



Team Communication Development…

• “I loved it. I got lots of information.”
• “Very practical. I really brought something home from this training.”
• “Excellent ideas for presentations which I wouldn’t have thought of; exceeded expectations.”
• “It was far better than I had expected. A lot of fresh ideas.”
• “It was helpful for presentation skills improvement and it helped with the nervousness that I experience during public speaking.”
• “Interactive and improvable tracking on general presentation preparation and speaking skills; yes it met my expectations.”
• “Well needed, great presenter and format. Exceeded my expectation.”
• “Connect to audience. How to plan for a presentation. How to do an opening, call-to-action. The first one is the most beneficial one to me. As an engineer, I am so used to list all info in slides, and forget to comment to audience.”
• “Creating engaging presentations. “Call to Action.””
• “Call to action: good idea–start at the end and work backwards. Three key points and how to get there – very good. I feel Susan really gave me some good feedback. She did a great job spending time with everyone.”

“Even though we do a pretty good job at winning projects and at making presentations, even the best of the best can benefit from being coached. And – we can always strive to do even better. That is why we are so excited about this opportunity.” Melanie Hennigan AIA LEED AP, Principal, Grimm+Parker Architects

“I am pleased to announce that CDAI and CTS will be bringing Susan Trivers to San Diego. This is a great opportunity for our people to really get some one-on-one coaching and hone their presentation skills. You have been identified by your department Vice President as being a priority candidate for this workshop, given that you regularly give presentations to customers.” Mari McAvoy, Human Resources Manager, Cubic Transportation Systems



Oral proposal consulting and coaching…

“Two new large contracts awarded in one month made 2013 a banner year for us. Thanks to Susan Trivers for guiding us to create and deliver oral presentations and demos about our app that were received so enthusiastically by our clients.” Chris Lodge,COO Vitech

“A special thanks to Susan Trivers, who worked very closely with all the teams to focus our talking points, rehearse our presentations and prepare to deliver them. Also, her insight on how to address questions from the panel proved to be highly insightful.” T.R., VP, Business Development, Healthcare Industry


Recent clients include:

Business Growth and Opportunity

  • Chi Solutions, Inc.
  • R&D Film & Design
  • Big Green Purse
  • Granite Leadership Strategies, Inc.
  • RFPTrainer
  • Windmill Consulting
  • Vitech

Leadership Communication Consulting:

  • CEO of B2B technology product company
  • CEO of health care application start-up
  • CTO of B2B IT SaaS company
  • Director of Talent Acquisiton, Government contractor
  • Director of Innovation, IT services company
  • Sterling Health IT CEO keynote at mHealth Summite 2012 and HIMSS 2012
  • BD-CMM certified proposal professional breakout session at Bid & Con 2012
  • AOPA Director of the Air Safety Institute responsible for improving the safe flying practices of general aviation pilots
  • CEO of Clairus for the purpose of growing their data analysis business beyond the aviation industry

Team Presentation Development

  • Vitech(Orals consulting and coaching for several state/local bids)
  • STG, Inc. (Orals consulting and coaching)
  • MSE (Orals consulting and coaching)
  • Delta Solutions and Technologies (Orals consulting and coaching)
  • BCT Partners (Orals consulting and coaching)
  • IST Research (Orals consulting and coaching)
  • Vangent (Orals consulting and coaching)
  • Metron Aviation (Orals consulting and coaching)
  • CGI (Orals coaching for two State bids)
  • Cornet Technologies (Business development coaching)
  • ACS/Xerox (Orals coaching for several state bids)
  • Sotera Defense (key person interviews; coaching that helped win an important new defense contract)
  • Serco, Inc. (Orals consulting and coaching)
  • Fedmarket (Seminar entitled “Orals: Avoid the Pitfalls that Lower Your Score”)
  • CDI Marine (Orals consulting and coaching)
  • Direct Proposal Resources (Orals consulting and coaching)