Senior Leadership Speaking Education Program

Senior level experts are in demand as speakers at industry conferences, on panels, for business roundtables, and by customers.

But… too often, their speaking skills haven’t matured to the same level as their technical expertise.

That’s just what Susan Trivers’ Senior Leadership Speaking Education Program remedies. This program is specifically for senior level experts who need to be the faces and voices of their companies.

The Program: Highlights

  • Content development. All teaching materials will be customized for your company.
    • Twelve topics, chosen to support your company’s positioning and marketing goals
    • Applicable to keynote speeches, panel presentations, breakout sessions and customer presentations
  • Implementation
    • The Kickoff for participants, with C-suite execs as applicable
    • Weekly topic-specific, 30-minute webinars (12 topics)
    • Weekly 30-minute individual coaching sessions with each participant
    • 2 full-group video conference showcases, at 6 weeks and 12 weeks

High Level Program Outline

Susan Trivers always encourages her clients to:

  • Stand out from the crowd.
  • Avoid beliefs and behaviors that inhibit business speakers
  • Discard limiting notions
  • Develop a powerful sense of their unique capabilities and presence in front of audiences

The Program includes but is not limited to the following:

  • The speech or presentation development process; start with the end in mind, work backwards
  • Put the audience first
    • What you know and how to make it meaningful to your audience
    • Business storytelling
    • Use of data and technical content
    • Specificity, AKA fat and skinny words
    • Options for attention-getting openings
    • The person behind the presentation
  • Be Yourself Polished
    • Conversational style, polished delivery
    • How to practice
    • How to rehearse
    • What audiences see when you speak

Presentation Mastery Requires Repetition and Reinforcement

The Senior Leadership Speaking Education Program is designed to support repetition and reinforcement over 3 months.  The topic webinars will be recorded and available for repeat viewing. At 30 minutes each, they are long enough to cover one topic thoroughly and short enough to fit into a person’s busy work week.

The individual 30 minute weekly coaching sessions allow for reinforcement of all the topics according to each participant’s needs.

The two video showcases provide opportunities to demonstrate progress and increase mastery.

All participants must be fully engaged for the three months, including making time for personal practicing.

Is the Senior Leadership Speaking Education Program right for your company? If your future revenue and profit growth are tied to your market position in your buyers’ minds, yes, it is. Speaking to audiences of desirable buyers quickly moves your company to the top of your buyers’ minds.

All Senior Leadership Speaking Education Programs are customized to meet client company needs.
Please call Susan Trivers to explore the possibilities for your company. 703-790-1424.

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