Roadmap to Revenue
Where is your business headed and how will it get there? The Roadmap to Revenue leverages your offerings and best buyers to: Maximize revenue per customer or client Improve sales cycle speed and volumes What is your revenue goal for the coming months? Where will the revenue you want come from? There are three revenue sources, and not all have equal advantages.
Price: $2,500.00

How to Be Interesting: Captivate and Fascinate Others and Enjoy Your Own Life More!
Be successful, not perfect! That’s the purpose of this book. The many tips and ideas start and keep you on the path to being interesting. Why should you want to be interesting? Because when you’re interesting people are eager to socialize with you, spend time with you, learn from you and work with you. You make them happy and you enjoy your own life more.
Price: $3.99

The Great Speakers Guide to Great Speaking
Stories make your speeches unforgettable and impressive When you Inspire, Inform and Influence, you put yourself on the fast track to success I’m not talking about spinning a yarn like a little old lady or telling a tall tale like a gnarly guy from the back woods… I’m talking about serious stories that stay etched in the minds of your business audiences. Stories paint pictures that make your point and stick even years later.
Price: $9.99
Essential Mentoring
Do you want to: Set aggressive revenue goals and understand how to measure your progress towards them? Essential Mentoring with The Revenue Drive provides you with exactly that. This is a self-directed mentoring program which means that you work on your business and come to me for: advice, comments, feedback, guidance on next steps, and making course corrections.
Price: $4,500.00

Structured Mentoring Option
Do you want to: Maximize revenue per customer or client Maximize revenue per employee Accelerate top line revenue growth Improve sales cycle speed and volumes Structured Mentoring will help you.
Price: $7,500.00

Complete Growth and Opportunity Advisor and Coach
When you can’t wait another month, quarter or year to: –Build wealth for yourself, the owner: financial; discretionary time; energy and well-being –Accelerate top line revenue growth –Alleviate the major stress of ownership, controlling the business: maximize revenue per customer; maximize revenue per employee; improve sales cycle speed and volumes
Price: TBD