Case Studies

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Case Studies
What would it mean
To your business and your life if you have:

More focus: on the right strategies and execution
More confidence: in their unusual, creative and unique ideas
More business: from mining the gold within
More profit: by capitalizing on current buyers, current offerings and current employees

Client Stories

Trivers Consulting Group clients get these “4 Mores” when they work with us. We’re sharing some client success stories on this page to give you insight into how you, too, can enjoy MORE.

You’ll notice that the industries are varied, the owners have different priorities and the paths to the goals are specific to the situation.

Enjoy the Profit from a Deeply Held Vision

How to Become a 5 Star Company

How Jerry Changed His Mind and Got His Life Back

Higher Level of Service at Times of Crisis

We will work with your company to achieve the 4 MORES as well. If you’re open to a conversation about how that might work for your company, we’d love to hear from you.

Susan Trivers