Meet Susan

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Meet Susan
Susan G. Trivers, MBA
Susan Trivers founded Trivers Consulting Group in 1999 with the mission of working with owners to accelerate revenue and create a business that lasts. Her philosophy of Singular Focus® is the catalyst for dramatic business growth and increasing owner wealth. Since then she’s helped hundreds of companies increase revenue by $20 billion dollars. Her clients are smart business owners who want to develop creative ideas into true growth.

Singular Focus® means taking the right actions at the right time to create dramatic business growth. Articulating clear and measurable outcomes and applying Susan’s Singular Focus® to these outcomes one at a time for three weeks each, uncovers more opportunities and insight than anyone ever expects.

The response has been overwhelmingly positive. Business owners enjoy powerful feelings of success and accomplishment and have more time and money for other important elements in their lives.

Susan Trivers was previously the owner of Café Aurora in Alexandria, VA. It was there that she had a hunch, did an experiment and created astonishing results. Singular Focus® was born on the soup counter at Café Aurora.

She has written two new books: Six Weeks to Robust, Awesome, Dynamic which helps owners get a Singular FocusSM quick start and Tinker: How Smart Business Owners Develop Creative Ideas for True Growth.

On a personal note, Susan is the proud ‘mom’ to a young Bernese Mountain Dog, Gabe. Gabe is Bernese Mountain Dog number 5. Susan says that when she brought him home, she was profoundly moved by realizing the cycle of love, loss and love again is the familiar backdrop for our lives.


THE Catalyst for Growth

Owners and CEOs struggle with endless demands on their attention.

One common response is to try improving prioritization, time management or delegation. They think being better time managers would enable every corner of the business to improve. However, time after time, people realize these efforts do not work. They’re just as busy and are no more focused.

The opposite response is developing an extreme degree of focus. What I call Singular Focus®. Singular Focus® methodically directs your attention to the areas and activities that create a stronger and better company. The result is that the CEOs and Owners have more energy and space for other important parts of their life and future. They are no longer mired in the relentless present. Singular Focus® sets leaders and their companies up for long-term success.

There are many ways to bring Susan and her Singular FocusSM philosophy into your company. All client engagements are custom-designed to meet specific and agreed upon outcomes. Learn more about working with Susan to Achieve a Major Goal and Create Dramatic Growth.

The 6 Focus Areas
Maximize Best Buyer Revenue:

Properly understand who your best buyers are, cultivate and nurture them, and they will eagerly buy your high-value, high-profit offerings.

Maximize Topline Revenue:

Provide a range of offerings for a range of buyers to increase revenue. Look at every single detail, large and small, that leads to money coming in the door.

Maximize Per Employee Revenue:

People buy from other people, not companies. Therefore, invest in your people and every other investment you make will be amplified.

Maximize Sales Cycle Speed:

Shorten the time from inquiry to payment. The buyer and the seller are both better off with a shorter, higher-speed sales cycle.

Maximize Owner Wellbeing:

Improve these five factors to maximize owner wellbeing: 1) increase revenue; 2) adjust the owner’s mindset and daily activities; 3) identify internal champions; 4) engage outside experts; 5) recognize economic conditions.

Maximize Owner Wealth:

Owner wealth allows you design the life you want. Therefore, it is your return for all the years of risk you’ve taken.