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Is my experience with Singular FocusSM (“It All Started with Soup”) just an entertaining anecdote? It might have been except I took what I learned from my soup hunch and experiment and created a philosophy, backed up by tools and approaches, that works across many and varied industries. Read this list of recent lucrative and radical client success stories:

Auto services: Increased capacity utilization from 60% to 85% in 4 winter months. Increased preventative maintenance visits from average 2 per year to 3.5 per year through the use of outbooking. Made it extremely easy for people with limited availability to get preventive maintenance.

CPA: transformed his practice from 100% a la carte pricing to a complete value based fees model with clients enrolled in an annual services plan for growth. Referrals for the annual plan have increased threefold.

Cybersecurity consultant: replaced his menu of individual services with packages with varying value. Revenue increased 85% in one year.

Architect: increased from 3 to 5 the number of $750K+ home additions he does each year by promoting the artistry of his unique hand-drawn plans and helping him cultivate and nurture his very satisfied clients for at least 3 years.

Interior designer: implemented a customized cultivate and nurture plan for previous clients and their family and friends which has doubled the number of new clients related to those previous clients.

Attorneys: implemented a customized cultivate and nurture plan for their past clients, most of whom had one-in-a-lifetime needs for legal services. By keeping in close touch with these clients through quarterly events, the firm has tripled the number of similar cases and reduced their use of other marketing and advertising techniques.

HVAC: We segmented their 9000 customers into high, mid, and low customer lifetime value groups. I worked with them to create offerings that align with these groups. We designed implemented a marketing effort targeting each group with the offering aligned with their value. Revenue from the high value segment doubled, revenue from the mid value segment increased about 30%. These additional purchases helped the general manager retain more of his staff during the shoulder seasons, rather than having to lay them off and rehire.