Pattern Breaking

The COO listened as the CEO and management team discussed their challenges and the way forward with advice and guidance from me. When he spoke he said to me “Susan, you’ll help us with pattern breaking.” This was a big revelation for all of the senior leadership team. It recognizes that when a company is … Continue reading Pattern Breaking

Something Came Up. So?

“I’m finally ready, let’s talk.” Sounds good, until the next day when the same person says “well, it will have to wait, something came up.” If I could change one thing universally it would be that people make time for what’s important and put everything else off, instead of the other way around. The only … Continue reading Something Came Up. So?

Time for Good News?

I’m often asked to help owners overcome a deficit or problem that is holding their company back. Once we do our work, they see great results. They tend to like talking about their success.

What if you are enjoying success in some areas? Do you circulate your good news, or do you just think that’s business as usual and don’t bother?

I recommend that companies broadcast their good news often. It’s especially valuable to let people inside the company know the good news. And your customers will feel validated that they’ve chosen your company.

The time for good news is now. What are you waiting for?