Amazon Did Not Deliver

Companies do odd or hard-to-understand things, but this one is a true puzzle. What do you think? I ordered 100 copies of my book, Tinker, from Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing. They confirmed my order and sent a delivery notice when the books were shipped. They promised a delivery date. But a couple of days before … Continue reading Amazon Did Not Deliver

Do You Put on Your Lifejacket After You Fall Off the Boat?

Everyone knows that open season in the health insurance industry provides a huge moment to recruit new policyholders. But an insurance office manager is too busy to invest 2.5 hours to improve his agents’ sales skills in September. “We will focus only on sales (no matter the quality of the skills) and consider some training … Continue reading Do You Put on Your Lifejacket After You Fall Off the Boat?


Company Policy Askew

Four of us placed orders at a restaurant and the server said she’d bring rolls and hush puppies. She returned with 3 plates, 3 rolls and 3 hush puppies. When we asked, she said they only come with orders for main courses. One of us ordered two small plates, which doesn’t count, although her bill would be the same as the others.

Does your company have similar policies that put internal minutiae ahead of customer satisfaction? Take a close look and make changes.


Talk Before You Assume

I just had a frustrating 24 hours with a business owner because of assumptions. What should have been a simple process became complicated because while I was following one path, he took another one based on an assumption he had not shared with me. The biggest impact is a small dent in my trust of … Continue reading Talk Before You Assume