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How Smart Business Owners Develop
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What can you do in six short weeks?
Six Weeks to Robust, Awesome, Dynamic
A lot! You can turn your company from reliable to robust, from acceptable to awesome, from dim to dynamic, with the application of Singular FocusSM. This Quick Start book will help you begin developing the practice of intense focus on the six outcomes every business needs to maximize in order to create a robust, awesome, dynamic growing company. Intense focus on one area at a time leads you to knowledge and insights you do not currently have. It is like driving on a winding road: you don’t see what’s around the bend until you’ve traveled around the bend. Susan has seen again and again that she and her clients can’t imagine all that lies ahead because insights unfold over time. New tactics emerge from these unfolding insights. Only Singular FocusSM reveals these insights.
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Susan G. Trivers