Keep Your Customers Close By

Think of your business like a neighborhood. A cozy one, where everyone is friendly. And they all know you.

That’s how you bring buyers in and keep them. Visit them–don’t wait for them to visit you. Give them small gifts. Say ‘hello’ often, even if you’re passing by.

Make it clear that the neighborhood wouldn’t be the same without them. And they will feel the same about your company, again and again.


20% or More: This Repeatable Tactic Increases Revenue

Did you know that 90% of buyers across all industries would make additional purchases from a company if the company asked them to? Most companies obviously don’t know this because they don’t ask. One hallmark of true growth is identifying repeatable practices that then become built in to the company’s behavior. They are habits and … Continue reading 20% or More: This Repeatable Tactic Increases Revenue