Use These Simple Catalysts to Spark Revenue Growth

I love small and mid-size business owners and it makes me crazy when they say “we’ve always done it this way” or “we’re too busy” or “we’ll do it when we have time” when we’re talking about catalysts for growth.“Status quo” is “status no.” No new sales, no additional profit, no lifetime customer value. Eventually, … Continue reading Use These Simple Catalysts to Spark Revenue Growth

Flat Revenue is Bad But There is Good News

Flat revenue means your company does have buyers and makes sales. So it’s unlikely that your sales process isn’t working.

What is most likely, as I’ve seen scores of times, is that you can’t imagine new ways of increasing sales to your existing buyers. Giving current buyers imaginative and good reasons to buy will put your revenue on an upward trajectory more quickly and less expensively than any other effort.

I enjoy thinking back to clients from across many industries who fired up their imaginations and put their revenue on an upward climb. Consider a few of their examples.