Don’t Let the Calendar Control the Timing of Your Business Decisions

Did you see what I saw? Once the calendar turned to October 1, everyone was publishing articles about finishing the fourth quarter strong. Or planning for the next year. There’s always good advice buried in these approaches. I couldn’t help but wonder, though, if focusing on business needs, not calendar, would be more useful for … Continue reading Don’t Let the Calendar Control the Timing of Your Business Decisions

The One Powerful Trait That Will Help Owners Create Growth

Whether I’ve been investing in real estate, creating restaurant quality meals for carryout, or working with hundreds of small/mid-sized company owners, one facet of my success stands out: CHOICE. I have had to choose how I spend my energy and intellect and you have to do the same. Choices abound. It’s the owner that chooses … Continue reading The One Powerful Trait That Will Help Owners Create Growth

Cultivate Your Buyers for Evergreen Revenue Growth

Cultivating is Exciting I hope you feel, as I do, that cultivating growth is exciting, optimistic, and positive. When I work with owners to cultivate relationships for growth we get enthusiastic about creating ideal conditions that foster growth with their buyers. The point is that cultivating buyers should be joyful and exciting, even as it … Continue reading Cultivate Your Buyers for Evergreen Revenue Growth

The Big Mac: Is 50 Years Too Long?

McDonald’s iconic Big Mac is 50 years old in the summer of 2018. It’s hard to think of many other products that are so familiar, so ubiquitous in the US and globally AND that are 50 years old. So much of what’s front and center in our lives is less than 20 years old.

What’s interesting to me, as a leading advisor to owner-run companies, is that the 50th anniversary is not causing a great deal of happiness. The Big Mac is not the icon to millennials that it has been to their parents and grandparents. Its competition is what’s known as the “better burger” such as at Shake Shack and Five Guys. Away-from-home eating trends have clearly moved in the direction of fast casual, which means food that is more healthful, allows for complete personalization as a matter of course, and just bit more expensive. But observers do not see McDonald’s pivoting from the Big Mac any time soon.

I’ve been reflecting on the companies I’ve advised and how they recognized when the time was right to pivot away from their own tried-and-true into a new type or group of offerings. Here are some powerful examples:

Company Policy Askew

Four of us placed orders at a restaurant and the server said she’d bring rolls and hush puppies. She returned with 3 plates, 3 rolls and 3 hush puppies. When we asked, she said they only come with orders for main courses. One of us ordered two small plates, which doesn’t count, although her bill would be the same as the others.

Does your company have similar policies that put internal minutiae ahead of customer satisfaction? Take a close look and make changes.