Think Inside the Box™

Think Inside The Box 2
Think Inside the Box™
Mining Your Gold to Increase Revenue and Profits
Everything you’ve invested in your company to date—time, money, energy, imagination—has accumulated, like gold, and is waiting to be mined.

Whether for business operations and expansion, exit planning, or estate reasons, maximizing company value is critical. And it’s not accidental. Mining the gold within is the path to more revenue and profits, and higher company value. It’s also repeatable. Each new achievement becomes the foundation for the next level.

Sitting on a gold mine

Most clients know they are sitting on gold if only they could overcome challenges  such as:

  • Inconsistent or stagnant revenue
  • Preponderance of low-priced sales
  • Too few new clients or customers

Think INSIDE the Box™ helps overcome these problems. In fact, your existing customers hold the key to your potential growth.

Existing customers are more likely to buy from a company they already know. Most companies never even ask what else their buyers would like–what do they need and desire? If they did, the company could add to their offerings, and especially to the options that bring a higher profit margin to the company.

Read that again. Your existing customers can solve your growth and profit challenges.

More hidden gold

In addition to overlooking existing customers, business owners also overlook the potential sitting in their employee base.

Too often owners and executives merely see a group of job descriptions instead of revenue-contributing individuals when looking at their team. Yet “everyone sells” still holds true. With every new offering, the entire workforce should be able to talk it up to customers be they in customer service, development or maintenance. Think INSIDE the Box™ connects the dots between customers, offerings and employees in order to mine the potential inside your company.

Think INSIDE the Box™ results in more profitable revenue, which increases the value of the company, and therefore the owner’s wealth.

Are you ready to Think INSIDE the Box™?

Mining: way deeper than the typical business development techniques of sales and marketing.

As a result of the Think INSIDE the Box™ workshop you and your team will be able to:

  • Build the business beyond repeat purchases and referrals
  • Increase the success of new products and services to buyers
  • Increase the value of your customer service and CRM

In order to:

  • Increase the company’s bottom line
  • Invest for the future
  • Build your personal financial security
  • Increase company value

Why is Think Inside the Box™ so valuable?


Customers already know you. Mining your customer relationship management system is low cost. It’s a solid repository of information, and it supports your ongoing revenue growth and value-building efforts.

Your clients and customers have completed the typical sequence of decision-making–defer, over-research, or comparison-shop–and made their first purchase from your company. Now they’re extremely receptive to your efforts to go deep: what else they’d find worthy of purchase?


You increase the likelihood of success with innovations, improvements and new products and services. Your R&D, design and development teams work from requests, needs and desires of the buyers you know to create new offerings.  The emphasis is on value, often tangible intangibles such as convenience, status, variety, extraordinary service and access to limited supplies. Mining the gold within tells you what is important to your buyers.


The value of goodwill is no longer solely dependent on you, the owner. Your employees become equally valuable because they are involved in the development of these relationships, the design of new offerings and the delivery of service. You will learn to connect all employee work to your bottom line. This connection is evergreen.

Make the Call

When you’re ready to grow to fund operations and expansions; to bulk up your estate; or to begin planning your exit, it is time to Think Inside the Box™. Trivers Consulting Group offers a variety of ways to access and apply mining the gold within your company. Call or email to start a conversation: 703-801-0345.