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If you’re thinking “my business is humming, now I’ll just maintain” Susan Trivers will make you think again in her new, must-read book that reveals how tinkering may be the most important business strategy you’re ignoring. As Trivers’ clients know, tinkering is the hidden key to sustained growth and profitability.

Learn what hundreds of smart business owners have learned from Susan Trivers:

Trust It, Try It, Tinker with It!


Mark LeBlanc says:

“In your hands you hold a street smart book written by a wise author. Susan Trivers is rare indeed. Her experience and depth of expertise in business make her uniquely qualified to share her wisdom and insights.”

“She is the consummate pro when it comes to focus and creativity. Her philosophy, revealed in Tinker, is a model for unlocking a new combination for accelerated growth. Often we are so close to success we cannot see it. Changing it up or trying a new approach—Tinkering—can be the difference between ordinary results and extraordinary success.”

Mark LeBlanc, CSP
Author of Never Be the Same, Growing Your Business and Build Your Consulting Practice

Readers: 5 out of 5 Stars!:

Business Coach Dianne Dawson

5.0 out of 5 stars Fast read – Incredibly useful – Filled with vignettes, wisdom and great advice

“Do you know what would make your business a success? Susan Trivers says that you most likely have a hunch about it and her book tells you how to examine your hunch – “tinker” with it, so to speak – to determine if you’re right and then move forward to implement it if you are.

There is a lot packed into this book that’s filled with stories, advice and wisdom from her consulting work, and its size is deceptive. The content is high-value and it can easily serve as a reference that’s pulled off the shelf again and again. I’ve read a lot of business book reviews where the biggest complaint is that the author used filler to make the book longer. Trivers did not try to expand the content with filler just to have more pages. In addition to keeping the book “on point”, it also makes it much easier to find the nuggets within it when you want to return to a section for reference or to implement an idea.

I was eagerly anticipating the Soup Story because of the build-up in the book. She doesn’t disappoint. It’s a great story and it taps into something I believe is important: tracking and measuring results so you can draw accurate conclusions and make critical business decisions. In her examples, she shows you how simple this can be to do yourself.”

Joan Fletcher, Winning Ways, Inc.

5.0 out of 5 stars Quick worthwhile read for business owners!
Susan’s book is a quick read and gives actionable ideas for any business owner. The author shares personal stories of her own business challenges and successes and it is easy to identify with her. It is a great book!

Chad Barr, Author, Speaker and Internet & Marketing Strategist

5.0 out of 5 stars This book will make you smarter!

I’ve known Susan for quite a few years. What impresses me most about her is her thinking abilities. Being able to get into the heart of the matter quickly, and come up with creative and innovative breakthrough ideas. When you talk with Susan you often wonder “I come I never thought about it this way?” or “How in the world is she able to come up with these ideas?”

Get this book and another for those you want to challenge their thinking and I assure you that it will make you smarter. You will discover amazing insights for True Growth!

Many devoted business owners work hard and yet they never experience a “WOW!” moment, much less a “WOW!” year or period of years. A sequence of small successes up to a whole that’s greater than the sum of it’s parts. The best thing about Tinkering is that you build on what you’ve already got. You can act quickly, the cost is low, and you build momentum to create your “WOW!”
There is no change unless you change

True growth happens when the smart business owner focuses on making it happen. It’s a mindset as well as a behavior set.

It is all day, every day, month after month and year after year. It is also fun, exciting and very rewarding!

Susan’s 3-T Model supports your true growth efforts. Trust your hunches, Try experiments, Tinker and repeat.

“The single biggest barrier to success is failure of imagination. It is not lack of money, lack of courage or lack of support from others.” Susan Trivers


Buy your copy of Tinker now and spark your imagination.
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