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Refresh, Refine, Reimagine

24 years ago I put my toe into the entreprenuerial waters. I’ve been there ever since. I’ve been able to generate my biggest successes and my 7 figure consulting revenue by working 1 to 1 with experts who advised me in different ways, specific to my needs each time. I’ve also been in peer groups and process consulting and can compare the difference in value to me.

While there’s something to be learned in peer groups, the investment in time and money far exceeded the value to my businesses.

Process consulting for me is like forcing one size to fit all. My success comes from my differentiation, which is the opposite of what process consultants want you to believe.

My 1-to-1 consulting practice allows me to provide advice and support—practical company wide support, as well as emotional, psychological, moral support–to business owners. All of the time and all the money they spend gets them my undivided attention, advice and creativity that fit specifically with their business.

If you and your team are 1-to-1 learners, my consulting practice could be the perfect fit for you and your company. I welcome a discovery conversation to get started.

Contact me and let’s discuss how Refresh, Refine or Reimagine will transform your business.


Solve a Problem

We will look at specific problems or opportunities, limited in scope and of a short term nature.
Some problems you might want to address:

  • Too few repeat purchases by current buyers
  • Little movement of buyers from one product segment to another, higher value segment.
  • Weaknesses in customer service
  • Increasing revenue per employee
  • Shortening your sales cycle
  • Beefing up your communication to your buyers
  • Choosing the exact right marketing tactics for your business and your buyers
  • Reducing ‘busyness’ and making more time for higher value work
  • Decision-making that builds owner wealth
  • Aligning your buyers and your offerings to improve marketing effectiveness
  • Increasing utilization of existing capacity
  • Improving key workflows
Options include:

Pinpoint Sessions. 3-4 hour session that focuses on a sliver of the business. The outcome is a plan of action for that specific pinpoint, with dates, actions, persons responsible, measures of success.

Singular FocusSM Immersion. Singular FocusSM is THE catalyst for growth. The Owner or CEO and 3 top leaders immerse themselves in Techniques for Focus; when leadership embraces and embodies Focus, the culture shifts. Create a 3X3X3 Singular FocusSM Plan.

Customized 35-day projects. We choose from among the problems or issues listed above and create a 35-day project that includes discovery, brainstorming, planning, measures and accountability.


Achieve Major Goals

Achieving major goals requires more investment than a refresh. Refine projects target specific outcomes that we work on together for 60-90 days.

Some goals you might want to achieve include:

  • Expanding the availability of high-value offerings that will appeal to your Best Buyers and Enthusiastic Fans
  • Investing in remote technology that supports high-value services
  • Increasing per employee revenue
  • Ramping up the quality and effectiveness of client and prospect communication
  • Selecting a new market for your current offerings and focusing intently on marketing and sales to this new market.
  • Setting larger financial goals both at the top and the bottom.
  • Investigating what it would take to get the company ready for a merger or acquisition.
  • Beginning succession planning

All Refine Projects are custom-designed for the owner, the company and the specific goal. You will have unlimited access to me during the project and we will create plan with specific activities, timing, joint responsibilities and measures.


Create Dramatic Growth

There are times in the life of companies when everything they’re doing is simply maintaining. The problem with maintaining is that the rest of the world—your market, your buyers, technology, culture, people, economic factors—is changing. When a business doesn’t change, it will eventually fail.

This is the time to Reimagine: Create Dramatic Growth. Think very big, think very differently, do something dramatic. That something will depend on your business: your useable assets, your reputation, your roster of buyers; your intellectual property; your marketing savvy and a strong financial foundation.

The Singular FocusSMSM Focus Areas are the foundation of Reimagine. We ask how we can maximize each of the Areas? The 6 Focus Areas cover every aspect and perspective of a business. While they are individual, they are also connected and during Reimagine we identify all the connections below the surface. For example, as we work to maximize Per Employee Revenue we are also contributing to improved customer service which will Maximize Topline Revenue.

Every Reimagine engagement is custom-designed to meet the needs of the client. There are myriad ways to achieve the goals and we’ll use the ones that are just right for your company. These engagement are typically 6-7 months. They require a long period of commitment and concentration by the owner or CEO. The outcome is a new, innovative company positioned to thrive for years to come.

Singular FocusSM

The Radical Overhaul

When CEOs and Senior Leaders Set Their Sights on Dramatic Business Growth

When what you’ve always done for business growth is no longer good enough, you need to disrupt the status quo. You need to create and win a completely new game. That’s when CEOs and Owners choose Susan Trivers’ Singular FocusSM: The Lucrative, Radical Overhaul.

Radical Singular FocusSM is customized for each specific company. It is proactive, based on the company’s specific and unique needs.

  • Six month engagement
  • Metrics for each Focus Area
  • Deadlines, timelines, and accountabilities
  • Mandatory weekly phone calls
  • Personal meetings as desired and appropriate
  • Unlimited email and additional phone calls
  • Unlimited review of work

Susan Trivers will provide specific actions and tasks, review your work, follow up with you, and proactively contact you to generate accelerated progress.

Susan will implement her proprietary approaches to dramatic revenue growth, and other formalized improvements for the entire organization. This will create high-margin revenue as more high-value offerings are created for the benefit of existing clients and prospects.

When profound change in results is needed, choose Susan Trivers’ Singular FocusSM: The Lucrative, Radical Overhaul