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Achieve Major Goals

24 years ago I put my toe into the entreprenuerial waters. I’ve been there ever since. I’ve been able to generate my biggest successes and my 7 figure consulting revenue by working 1 to 1 with experts who advised me in different ways, specific to my needs each time. I’ve also been in peer groups and process consulting and can compare the difference in value to me.

While there’s something to be learned in peer groups, the investment in time and money far exceeded the value to my businesses.

Process consulting for me is like forcing one size to fit all. My success comes from my differentiation, which is the opposite of what process consultants want you to believe.

My 1-to-1 consulting practice allows me to provide advice and support—practical company wide support, as well as emotional, psychological, moral support–to business owners. All of the time and all the money they spend gets them my undivided attention, advice and creativity that fit specifically with their business.

If you and your team are 1-to-1 learners, my consulting practice could be the perfect fit for you and your company. I welcome a discovery conversation to get started.

Contact me and let’s discuss how Refresh, Refine or Reimagine will transform your business.


Achieve Major Goals

The two-partner law firm had successfully grown in the first 6 years since its founding. The two partners are expert litigators and they won recognition for their large awards on behalf of plaintiffs in both business litigation and personal injury.

When I met them, they were feeling stuck. Their success in medical malpractice cases meant they got more med mal cases—but what they really wanted was to increase their other kinds of cases, especially traumatic injury cases. When they learned that I work with owners to increase revenue from current clients or, in their case, referral sources, they felt I could help them quite a bit.

We embarked on a six month marketing effort with three tracks. Two tracks were centered around cultivating and nurturing the large circle of lawyers who typically referred personal injury cases to them: 1) staying top of mind with these lawyers and 2) being more direct in asking for referrals related to catastrophic injury. The third track was speaking in the community to let people know about the legal remedies people have if they are the victims of catastrophic injuries.

At the beginning of the third month, the partners told me they were so overloaded with work that they could not implement the various plans we had made. We had a deep and exploratory conversation about what they are busy with. Following that conversation, I went back to them with my recommendations. They were at a pivot point in the life of their firm: to grow or to stay the same. If they were to grow, they needed something other than a marketing focus. They needed to fundamentally rethink how they run their business. They had to adopt the practices any business uses to scale.

Major Impacts

We reached two decisions that had major impact.

  1. The partners were the only ones in the firm who could do two things: litigate and “rainmake,” that is, grow their relationships with other lawyers. They had to use all their working time being in court and out in the legal community and elsewhere helping more people get to know them.
  2. All other work would have to be done by others. They had two associates who were essentially doling the same work as they were, only for lower value cases. This did not help them get bigger cases. We created more specific duties for the associates that would support the partners’ work. For example, we decided to turn the initial examination of “intakes” over to the associates rather than the partners. To do this, we created checklists of requirements for catastrophic injury cases they would take. The associates would examine all intakes to see which of the requirements a possible new case met. If it was under the minimum requirements, the case was turned down. If it was at or above the threshold, the partners would investigate even further and then decide to accept the case or not.

Their administrative support was spread out among several vendors, and they still had to provide information and make too many decisions. We found one provider who could handle all the administrative work for the firm remotely and keep the partner’s input to a minimum.

This is a perfect example of a Refine project. It began as a Refresh, but turned, correctly, into a Refine effort that is helping the partners achieve major goals.