Singular Focus: Immersion Experience

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Singular FocusSM
Immersion Experience

How to take the right actions at the right time to create dramatic revenue growth
First, focus on a sliver, then deliver extraordinary results

Create a habit of focus that endures and transforms your business. This experience is based on hundreds of revenue growth projects that have generated nearly $20 billion for my client companies.

We will get you and your top leadership team into a stimulating environment and give you the tools to apply Singular FocusSM to 6 business outcomes (not inputs) every day you are on the job.

Four content modules:

Introducing Focus Behaviors

You can’t simply tell yourselves to be laser-focused on your work. That doesn’t make it happen. You will get a framework and tools to create the habit of singular focus.

Segmenting Buyers

One offering does not fit the needs of all buyers. The Growth and Opportunity Curve (GO Curve) tool helps you create an array of products and services offerings that are aligned with your buyer segments.

Building Out and Marketing Your Products and Services

The key to effective marketing is matching marketing activities with the Buyer Segments. You’ll get an overview of the messages, channels and post-purchase communication best for each Buyer Segment. You’ll create a few starter marketing campaigns.

Identifying Singular FocusSM Champions

You have to practice Singular FocusSM every day. You’ll learn how internal champions help everyone apply Singular FocusSM to specific outcomes. You’ll get a set of measures to track for each Focus Area.

Singular FocusSM

The Signature Singular FocusSM Immersion Experience:

Module #1 and #2:

Morning from 9:00 a.m. to Noon

Module #3 and #4:

Afternoon from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.

You and 3-4 leaders of your choice will participate in a variety of lectures, exercises, and discussions. These help each person contribute to the ultimate goal of maximizing revenue and profit. We give you frameworks, formulas, tools and systems that support the application of Singular FocusSM in your company.

We include Pre-experience prep and Post-experience accountability for each group.