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Susan Trivers is a talented speaker to large and to intimate audiences.
Susan Trivers does more to capitalize on current buyers, current offerings and current employees than any advisor consulting with companies up to $20 million annual revenue.

When she speaks, Susan shares it all with her audiences of active business owners.

Topics Include:

Tinker: How Smart Business Owners Develop Creative Ideas for True Growth

True Growth is sustainable growth, built on a existing foundation that puts current customers and clients first. Learn Susan’s Three-T Model to improve and innovate what you’ve already got out in the market. You’ll learn how hunches, experiments and tinkering can generate 10, 20, even 30% growth for very low cost or investment.


Six Weeks to Robust, Awesome, Dynamic: Singular FocusSM Quick Start, Quick Results

Singular FocusSM is Susan’s unique approach to maximizing the six outcomes that add up to dramatic, repeatable growth and boost owner wealth and well-being.

With Susan’s Six Week Quick Start, business owners learn to implement one powerful tactic in each of the six Focus Areas and enjoy quick wins. Susan’s pro tip: do a six-week sequence and then repeat. Each new round of six weeks builds on the success of the round before. The sky is the limit with this sequential approach to growth.


How to Capitalize on Your Current Buyers, Offerings and Employees

Susan is known for her deep expertise and extensive creativity when it comes to building a business on the foundation of current buyers, current offerings and current employees. Research shows that the vast majority of companies ignore or disappoint people who have already bought from them. They lose to other companies or to forgetfulness, inertia or disinterest. This costs them hundreds of millions of dollars.

Audiences get insight into Susan’s innovative GO Curve concept for segmenting and aligning buyers, offerings and marketing efforts. This segmenting and aligning ensures that the right products and services are developed for exsiting buyers and that marketing efforts are making the intended impact on their recipients.

Invite Susan to your next event

When you are planning an event for business owners, be sure to include Susan Trivers. She’s a long time, experienced speaker who puts the audience first and works with organizers to ensure her content excites the audience and sends them home with great value.

Susan will customize the length of her speeches to work with your schedule. She includes audience participation to help with enjoyment in the moment and retention for the long term. She offers pre-and post-conference options to improve the audience’s likelihood of actualizing her ideas.